Here are some frequently asked questions heard here and there and everywhere:

1.  Why is water wet?

2.  Where’s your penis, mommy?

3.  Is it Christmas yet? Is it my birthday yet? Is it Halloween yet?

4.  Are we there yet?

5.  When are we going to get there?

6.  How come we aren’t there yet?

7.  Can we go to the fair?

8.  Can I “spend up” for another new Iron Man? (And by “spend up,” he means “save up,” and incidentally, he has at least a dozen Iron Men already.)

9.  Is it morning time yet? (usually uttered from the edge of my bed between the ungodly hours of 4:44am and 6:02am by the smallest boy)

10.  Why is the sky grey? (This is the Seattle version of “why is the sky blue?” for those of you non-Seattleites.)

11.  Why are you eating leaves, mommy? (The boys don’t eat salad.  God forbid.)

12.  If train #1 leaves the station going 45 miles per hour and train #2 leaves two hours later going 80 miles per hour, when will train B catch up to train A? (just kidding)


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